8 thoughts on “Nature. Gardens. God. Wilderness. Sin. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  1. A pretty ghastly place – I’ve seen that large rock before, in The Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo. I’m not sure God had anything to do with this – or anyting else for that matter. Plants evolved on rocks after tiny bateria in the sea exploded when oxygen arrived on the planet, and turned into plants, which then eveolved roots so they could grow on the land – and the rocks. Several billion years ago. I don’t think man was around then…..

    Lookat the picture the other way round – having just been diagnosed as bi-polar and going on a drug for that, i see the pianting as the place I have come from into the place i am – now – full of sunshine. and promise

    • Wow, Bella. Thanks for posting your thoughts on this….I think it’s a fascinating painting that says more about human beings than it does about the earth. But I love how you related the painting to your own experience…very powerful.

  2. i’ve been feeling for quite some time now that the Garden of Eden is a great symbol for the way natural ecosystems work before humans take them over and run them into the ground while overpopulating prolifically… in essence, banishing themselves from the Garden of Eden. Just think of the historical reports of how prolific game was when the European settlers first came to North America.

    • Very interesting you bring that up…I am reading a book right now called Uncommon Ground which is all about human perceptions of nature and wilderness and how they’ve changed. It’s fairly dense but soooo interesting and definitely worth a read.

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