Butterflies in Maryland

First a few species that are native to the DC area, including the larval host plant(s) for the species. 

Denaus plexippus – Monarch.  Milkweed spp.


Battus philenor – Pipevine Swallowtail.  Aristolochia species and Virginia Snakeroot.


Polygonia interrogationis – Question Mark.  Elm, Hackberry, Nettles, False Nettles.

QuestionMark (2)

Question Mark — top of wings visible while it’s nectaring.


Monarch chrysalises


Now for some exotic species:

Morpho peleides – Blue Morpho (Mexico to Colombia & Venezuela, Trinidad)

The back of the wings are electric blue, but the darn thing hardly ever opens them.


Doleschallia bisaltide – Autumn Leaf  (India, Malaysia to Phillipines, Australia)


Idea leuconoe – Paper Kite (Phillipines to Borneo, Taiwan)


Heliconius erato – Small Postman (s. USA to Paraguay)


Postman (2)

Dryas iulia – Julia Longwing (s. USA to Brazil; West Indies)


Hamadryas feronia – Grey Cracker (s. USA to Brazil)  <— I think


Papilio memnon – Great Mormon, male (Sri Lanka & India to s. China & Malaysia) below

and Heliconius hecale – Golden Helicon (Mexico to Peruvian Amazon) above


tattered Julia Longwing with Canna flower

DSC_1854 (2)

I couldn’t identify this one:

DSC_1825 (2)

or this one:

DSC_1782 (2)

Cethosia biblis – Common Lacewing (Nepal & China to Malaya, Thailand, Phillipines)


Blue Morpho


Greta oto – Costa Rica Clearwing (Mexico to Panama)


These photos were taken in August 2015 at the fantastic Brookside Gardens in Maryland, in the Wings of Fancy exhibit, which is open until October 2015.

Thanks to Corey Hilz for hosting a photography class at the site.

3 thoughts on “Butterflies in Maryland

  1. Beautiful photos Mary. I’ve never seen a clearwing before. How extraordinary. The black one with blue markings could be an Australian blue triangle butterfly. It’s a swallow-tail butterfly and when its wings aren’t fully extended, the triangle can look more like stripes.

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