Corona Garden Diary 3/20/20: Grateful for the Outdoor Spaces

I am guessing that a lot of suburban folks who took their yards for granted — or maybe even saw them as more trouble than they were worth at times — are appreciating them right now.  The family next door has 5 kids under the age of 11, and I hear shouting and laughing and games from that direction at least half the day.  My county keeps saying they plan to start distance learning, but so far they seem unable to initiate it, so for now all the young ones have an awful lot of time on their hands.  Lucky are the parents who have an outdoor area where they can shoo the little ‘uns when the togetherness gets to be too much.


Frogs plopping around in the drainage ditches near my house.

On my recent walks, I have noticed far more people than usual out doing yard work or even just sitting out on their porches.  I love it.

A small yard or balcony might not offer the same options for restless kids, but can still uplift your spirits.  A breath of fresh air, a potted plant, a view of the wider world: again, things we all took for granted now seem like gifts.

I hope that apartment dwellers with no outdoor space at all at least have access to a park or garden.  (Public parks and gardens are on a long list of many things that I will value all the more post-Corona).


Marsh marigolds lighten the gloom at one of my local parks.

For those with limited access to the outdoors, or for outdoor lovers in general, here is an excellent virtual tour of the grounds of Mt. Cuba. Sadly, Mt. Cuba is not open to visitors at the moment, but their virtual tour will give a taste of what is out there waiting for you.



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