National Christmas Tree Mysteriously Disfigured!

The 2011 National Christmas Tree needs a prune.

I saw this posted on a local news blog last week and was kind of intrigued.  The picture clearly shows an odd bump at the top of the tree, but I couldn’t find any explanation for it, nor could I find out if the bump is still there. 

What do you think it is?  Is the net of lights just snagged on a branch, or could there be another explanation?  Maybe a witches’ broom has started to form?  An enlarged cone?  A goiter?

I read that this Colorado Blue Spruce — which replaced the one that blew down in February — came from New Jersey.  That could explain it.

One other thing.  Why did they choose another Colorado Blue Spruce?  They don’t grow naturally around here and they’re not all that.  I’m not a native plant  fanatic, but I think an Ilex opaca, American Holly, would have been a better choice.  They’re long-lived, they’re better suited to DC’s climate than Blue Spruce, they look Christmas-y and they’re beautiful all year long. 

Instead we get this lumpy blue thing from Jersey!

8 thoughts on “National Christmas Tree Mysteriously Disfigured!

  1. Hey, don’t dis Jersey. We grow some awesome stuff in the sandy soil near the coast.
    There’s a reason Princeton Nursery was founded here, why blueberries were developed here as well as the Rutgers tomato and Dr. Orton’s hollies and dogwoods. Huh!
    You want to get down and dirty We can talk about all the Chinese truck farms and whether Jersey peaches are better than Georgia’s.
    But, bottom line, I agree they should have gotten an Ilex opaca from Dr. Orton at Rutgers. Leave the spruces in Colorado – they need better drainage than the White House lawn.

  2. Oooooh, my husband is from Georgia. I’m sure he would love to go a round with you on the peaches. Well, you have educated me about New Jersey’s venerable horticultural past. I didn’t realize blueberries, tomatoes, hollies, and dogwoods all had such long histories there. Clearly, I need to visit other parts of the state besides the I-95 corridor, because truthfully, that is all I’ve seen. I will go hide in the corner now, with my tail between my legs.

  3. My hope is that it’s a giant solar panel supplying the energy needed for the lights on the tree. (I also still believe in Santa.)

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