Care for a Black Walnut?

I've got plenty. And plenty still to come: This is a nifty nut collector made by the folks at Garden Weasel.  What a treat to discover a yard device that requires no engine and makes no noise, that is so simply designed and yet works beautifully. Just roll it along the ground and the nuts... Continue Reading →

The Optimism of Tiny Trees

I have a vivid memory of eating a Red Delicious apple when I was seven years old and, afterward, regarding the dark seeds embedded in the core. I asked my dad if I planted one of the seeds would we get apples on our own tree next year?  No, he said.  Not next year. Then when?... Continue Reading →

David Culp’s Layered Garden Includes Black Walnuts!

More good news for those of us living with Juglans nigra! In his new book The Layered Garden, David Culp describes several genera that he has grown with success beneath these anti-social trees, including: Smilacina -- (Smilacena racemosa -- False Solomon's Seal -- an interesting perennial with white flowers in spring followed by green/red berries).... Continue Reading →

It’s the Most Walnutty Time of the Year

No, those aren't dirty tennis balls.  Those are just a few dozen of the THOUSANDS of black walnuts that rain down on my backyard at this time of year.  I love working outside in the early fall, which is why it's such a shame that I actually have to risk life and limb every time... Continue Reading →

New Home Found for Tiny Acer griseum

Check out the little cutie I stumbled upon at Green Spring Gardens' plant shop a few days ago: What you're looking at here, my friends, is a baby Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) which (in case you've been living in Antarctica or something) you know is one one of the most coveted of ornamental trees. Well,... Continue Reading →

Black Walnut Society Officially Unveiled

Do you garden under a Black Walnut tree?  Have you searched the internet seeking lists of species that grow under Black Walnuts only to discover that the lists are sometimes contradictory, or that (even worse) they are waaaaay too short to satisfy your jonesing for plants? Is your Black Walnut tree interfering with your gardening pleasure, making... Continue Reading →

Life and Limb

You really could not pay me enough to do this kind of work: That was the view from my back deck a couple of days ago, as crews removed two stately, gigantic white oaks from the lot of my neighbor to the rear.  A third massive oak had blown over during Hurricane Irene, quite close to their... Continue Reading →

American Holly, American Beech, American Graffiti

The gorgeous American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) has long been a favorite canvas for young couples in love and other graffiti artists.  My favorite nearby park is filled with beeches, tulip poplars, red oaks, and American hollies.  At this time of year, the beeches call attention to themselves, with their parchment leaves still clinging on, their smooth... Continue Reading →

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