Incredible Art From Philly Flower Show

I was very excited to finally attend the Philadelphia Flower Show, which has been on my list of destinations for a few years now and FINALLY my sister and I coordinated our schedules and got up there yesterday.  Woo-hoo! 

Will post more about the experience later, but for now just wanted to show you these incredible works of art we saw at the show.  They were created only with plant parts: flower petals, leaves, bits of stem, etc.  Everybody who saw them yesterday was wishing they were for sale, but alas, they were simply there on display. 

I can’t even imagine the combination of artistry and patience it must have taken to create these incredible pieces:

12 thoughts on “Incredible Art From Philly Flower Show

  1. These look great Mary, really amazing. There is an area in the UK (called the Peak District) where there is a similar tradition for ‘well-dressing’ – making pictures and patterns in petals on wells in the limestone hills of Derbyshire. Put “well dressing derbyshire” into Google Images.

    • I thought the same thing, Vicky. Since they’re pressed behind glass, I would imagine the plant material would lasta good long while, though I wouldn’t think the colors would hold very well over time. Or maybe they treat the images with some sort of preservatives to make them last?

  2. My wife’s Dutch relatives made miniatures (meaning thank-you-card size) from tiny dried leaves and flowers. The ladies preferred styles that were decorative or geometric. The miniatures we brought home are unchanged twenty years later.

  3. Mary, The Philadelphia Flower Show has been on my wishlist, too. This year, I even got as far as buying a ticket and making train reservations — but then the vicissitudes of life kept me from getting there. I’ll have to try harder next year. Meanwhile, though, I’m delighted to see part of what I missed. Your photos of the flower art are wonderful; I can only imagine how great they must have been in person.

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