Mary’s Garden Story in ‘Washington Gardener’!!!

Okay, Washingtonians, the latest issue of Washington Gardener is hot off the presses and wouldn’t it be delightful to open your mailbox and spy its colorful, glossy pages ready for your reading enjoyment?  If only you were a subscriber!!!

You should really subscribe because the magazine is tailor made for us, gardeners who live in our specific EPA Eco-region.  In case you weren’t sure, our eco-region is classified by the EPA as  Chesapeake Rolling Plain Variable Winters Humid Ass Summers Worthless Clay Soil, so Washington Gardener won’t frustrate you with articles like “Ten Fantastic New Lupine Cultivars!” that will only fill you with envy and remorse.  All of the articles are geared toward our climate, our soil, our local horticultural attractions.  Everything is relevant!

The other reason you should subscribe is because in this issue you can read about a fascinating Washington-area gardener named Mary Gray in the “My Garden Story” column of the magazine.  That’s right, you can read the intriguing story of how I, personally, became a gardener (hint: it wasn’t at my grandmother’s knee.)

You will even get a rare glimpse into the exclusive Gray Backyard, where I have been working my “Garden Magic” for the last five years.  In other words, my garden no longer looks like this:

See the "After" shots in the current issue of Washington Gardener!

P.S. I really should do a whole post featuring shots of my backyard in 2007.  It would make the entire country feel awesome about their own yards.

Anyway, I’m honored to be featured in the magazine and excited to get my copy!  Thank you, Kathy Jentz, for publishing my story!

10 thoughts on “Mary’s Garden Story in ‘Washington Gardener’!!!

  1. Cool – this ought be a good article! Your alt ecoregion name is great, and so is your garden magazine concentrating on what works for your unique area…we have nothing like that, so another bit of inspiration from you. Maybe my EPA ecoregion is more aptly named “Albuquerque Basin Desert Denial Between a Hair Dryer and Central Air”? (for setting garden parameters, the EPA system is pretty weak in the AZ, NM and NV, but better in TX)

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  3. DC that really matches some of the dis­cus­sion at the cof­fee shop this AM and that was from a cou­ple of our bet­ter con­nected ReÂpcu­li­bans. Some of the teaper types looked like they were suck­ing on lemons lis­ten­ing to it and they sure were work­ing on push­ing the every thing is beau­ti­ful line. Lots can hap­pen in the clos­ing days but the two lads doing the bulk of the talk­ing this AM were offer­ing up a pretty bleak view of Rom­ney chances espe­cially in the East where they really do know the system.

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