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  1. Weren’t you sitting right behind me during that lecture? I think okra goes under Edibles/Delicious if preceded by Corn Meal/Bacon Fat. Also under Trees/Christmas you forgot Fake/Real.

  2. I note that you omitted durian. Cagey. A lot of scientists believe them to be the link between ‘barnacles’ and ‘gross,’ but I fall into the camp that suspects them of not being a ‘plant’ at all. Possibly an alien life form.

      1. Might I recommend the skit on durian in “Portlandia”? (I admit that I love the taste of the fruit, but I also know that either you love it or you don’t. Either way, the Wikipedia descriptions of its size are not exaggerations. Gettiing one from the local Asian groceries is much like carrying a very spiky five-year-old to your car.

  3. BRILLIANT! (you might consider checking out a book by David Byrne, “Tree Drawings / Arboretum” published by Mc Sweeney’s, circa 2006… something tells me you’d enjoy…)

  4. Thank you, thank you! Ah, finally a real gardener! Another evolving genius, who loves changes and nothing is set in stone. Who am I and what is my garden? It is everything that I can possibly make it. Whatever that is-it is mine after all. I will be reading more..

  5. Oh boy can I appreciate to this instruction…more so than the teachings of an old woody plants professor I had in school. To this day I’m convinced he undeservingly gave me a “C” only because I tried to make horticulture too simple in my leanings. Sharing this just might have him reconsider my grade some 35 years later.

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