14 thoughts on “Botany Notes

  1. Weren’t you sitting right behind me during that lecture? I think okra goes under Edibles/Delicious if preceded by Corn Meal/Bacon Fat. Also under Trees/Christmas you forgot Fake/Real.

  2. I note that you omitted durian. Cagey. A lot of scientists believe them to be the link between ‘barnacles’ and ‘gross,’ but I fall into the camp that suspects them of not being a ‘plant’ at all. Possibly an alien life form.

  3. BRILLIANT! (you might consider checking out a book by David Byrne, “Tree Drawings / Arboretum” published by Mc Sweeney’s, circa 2006… something tells me you’d enjoy…)

  4. Thank you, thank you! Ah, finally a real gardener! Another evolving genius, who loves changes and nothing is set in stone. Who am I and what is my garden? It is everything that I can possibly make it. Whatever that is-it is mine after all. I will be reading more..

  5. Oh boy can I appreciate to this instruction…more so than the teachings of an old woody plants professor I had in school. To this day I’m convinced he undeservingly gave me a “C” only because I tried to make horticulture too simple in my leanings. Sharing this just might have him reconsider my grade some 35 years later.

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