Country Time

Like many of you, every once in awhile I fantasize about living in the country.  I’m pretty sure that if I actually lived in the country, I might turn into a version of Jack Torrance from The Shining and after a couple months of winter start chasing my family around with an ax for lack of nearby amenities. 

But thankfully, every now and then it’s possible to get a taste of the country life without actually committing to it.  Such was the case a couple of weeks ago, when my mother’s friend Bobbi invited us out to her farm near Harrisonburg, VA for the day. 

She has a charming turn of the century farmhouse, adorned inside and out with the coolest old farm equipment and tools….(pics by my sister Karen)Bobbie's house at the Busy B Farm

My son and I played hide and seek in her awesome barn, which is packed with rustic farm paraphernalia…

Tools in the barn

Baskets strung up for the Barn Sale

Cool sign with old bicycle in the barn

Lanterns in the barn

Jars in the barn

and as for garden ornament, how about a wheel wall?  I didn’t know I wanted one of these until I saw Bobbi’s…

Fence of wheels

Wouldn’t it be great to have the kind of property where an antique Ford pick up looks right at home in the front yard?

The Old Ford

everywhere you turn, you are reminded of simpler times, of the days before texting, tweeting, and twerking…

Farm equipment

Bicycle leaning against the shed

Sign taking you into the Busy B Farm

There is even a delightful stream running through her property, where we skipped stones and looked for interesting rocks…

busy b farm-1812

More wheels…Bobbi was kind enough to let me take a couple of wheels home with me!

Just  a cool sign

One of the wheels Bobbi gave me, at home in my suburban garden…


Yes indeed…for me, full time country life = mental illness.  But one beautiful May day in the country = mental health.

View from the end of lane and the house at Busy B

13 thoughts on “Country Time

  1. Beautiful pictures! i often think I was born in the wrong century, and then I think about all of the modern “things” I rely on and feel like a hypocrite. So I understand the fantasy and the reality of craving simplicity. Glad you go to sample it without the commitment! I could use a getaway like that about now…

    • Yes! It’s called Busy B farm….the inside of her house was actually even more impressive than the outside…she has her old tool collection impeccably displayed all over the walls. Really neat!

    • It was amazing. Unfortunately that stream sometimes rises and washes out the little bridge to get to her house. Once she was stuck there for six weeks! This is where I think country life would not be the nirvana that it might seem!

  2. You summed it up so well!!!! I love the idea of the country just not so sure I would be happy with the day to day in the country. I would have to plan ahead, I would not be able to go to the grocery story everyday the way I do now b/c I don’t plan well!! But then… is such a beautiful place…..

  3. beautiful photos….my sister karen is *also* the one who takes the great pics!!! we live in the country full time, have been here 15 years and absolutely love it!!! but i grew up in the southwest desert (arizona) and i couldn’t WAIT to get out of it!!! so our simple little life suits me just fine now….. ♥

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