Corona Garden Diary 4/19: Hellebores in a Glass

Since browsing at the nursery isn’t currently an option, I am making the most of the plants I do have, digging up clumps of them and spreading them around — mostly wood poppies, hostas, bluebells, and hellebores.  I had never actually tried to dig up and divide hellebores before; they were surprisingly hard to slice through! (Possibly because my shovel blade isn’t much sharper than the wooden handle).  
Anyway, in struggling to transplant a clump of this nice dark purple hellebore, I wound up slicing my shovel across the crown at far too shallow an angle.  The result was that I cut off a whole bunch of the stems without getting any roots.  Aaaaaah!!!
Horrified, I gathered the flowers I had just violently scalped off the plant and took them inside.
I am rather pleased with how they look in a large drinking glass!  
I wish I had more skill for flower arranging.  However, I have discovered that there is literally no skill needed when you cut several of the same kind of flower and stick them in a glass.  And the result is usually delightful.  Simply leave a couple of the stems longer and put those in the middle, and cut a few stems a bit shorter and those go on the outside.  Ta-da!  
If you have fewer flowers with shorter stems (shhh…this is a trade secret), you use a smaller glass. No vases necessary!
When they start to look crappy — boom! — in the compost they go.  In the meantime, for 2-7 days, cheerful blooms every time you’re at the kitchen sink.
This is really something we should all be doing more often.  

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