Corona Garden Diary 4/15: Michigan Gardeners Must Be Pissed

Just a public service announcement to remind people that the governor of Michigan has declared items like these “non-essential” and therefore has barred businesses from selling them to customers:

shovel            flexogen-hose-on-ground_1_orig            seeds


Meanwhile, these items have been deemed “essential” and are still readily available:

vodka             SMALLER-150million-payout-ticket-art            Jars Of Cannabis Flowers


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for banning any of these items (whatever gets you through!); I just hope we are keeping our eyes open about the fact that decisions are being made about what we should be allowed to buy and what we shouldn’t; about what is important and what isn’t; about what’s good for us and what isn’t.

And those decisions are being made by people who purport to know better than we do.  And who allow in-store lottery ticket purchases but rope off racks of garden seeds.

Let’s keep our eyes open, people.



4 thoughts on “Corona Garden Diary 4/15: Michigan Gardeners Must Be Pissed

  1. I just tried to write but I don’t think it went through. Or maybe it did? Apparently, I’m inept at leaving comments.

    Anyway, what I was trying to say is that this is a good point! So bizarre that people aren’t able to get gardening tools that would help them get outside and do something productive and healthy, but they’re allowed to buy lotto tickets.

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