The Election 2012 Garden Mash Up

Finally, the candidates discuss the real issues.   And just in time for election day, too!

(Oh, I guess I should mention the candidates’ actual words are in white and my very slight modifications are in yellow.)

Happy Voting Day my fellow Gardener-Americans.  Let’s still all be friends when it’s over.

No partisan comments or I will find out where you live and throw kudzu seeds in your yard.

20 thoughts on “The Election 2012 Garden Mash Up

  1. I was recently in Oxford, Mississippi, where they have lots of kudzu. It eats entire forests. I have to say it’s really pretty, the way the giant draping shapes completely engulf the trees.

    • I agree. Yesterday I was walking through the woods and came upon some abandoned buildings covered with kudzu. It was rather fantastical. It was also another reminder that nature can actually kick our ass and turn our settlements into dust.

  2. Glad Kudzu would incinerate upon immediate impact in Abq…and that’s the “weak” Nov-Jan sun!

    But I digress – great embellishments on what they might say, especially coming from that very special Gray area we know of… (Rod Serling voice)

  3. Enjoyed this post. Only thing is the rhetoric was far too reasonable and specific to be realistic. What I want to know is, who is going to appoint Piet Oudolf Secretary of Perennials?

  4. Even here in Australia we will be glad to have an end to US election coverage. You must be going CRAZY. The election rallies are fascinating though – we don’t have that here at all. Why do they go and shout their message at large crowds of people who already agree with them?

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