The Election 2012 Garden Mash Up

Finally, the candidates discuss the real issues.   And just in time for election day, too!

(Oh, I guess I should mention the candidates’ actual words are in white and my very slight modifications are in yellow.)

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Shocking Find on Mars

(Day five of Adobe bootcamp and I’m going a little crazy…..)

(Apologies to Shawn Thorsson, creator of the Combat Garden Gnomes

But I Digress…

Here’s a totally non-gardening, Onion-style piece I wrote several years ago, when I was teaching high school Creative Writing.  Each year I’d get a few kids who loved writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and would give me these 200 page rambling stories they’d been working on since they were 12.  I submitted this to McSweeney’s, but after they sent me a very kind “no, thanks” I filed it away and forgot about it.  But then yesterday my old teacher pal Ami Durand reminded me of it, and so I decided it needed a fresh reading! This is for you, Ami!

Here, You Should Read My Fantasy Novel

by Jeremy Fisk, a.k.a. Ranc Goldknight

Here!  Remember how I started writing The Sword of Thalgamore in like, eighth grade, but then lost the files when my brother crashed the computer downloading that porn?  Well, guess what, I’ve been rewriting it these last couple months and just finished it last Thursday night.  And you won’t believe what happens to Thalgamore and Aearlith when they finally reach the Circle of Magic!  Nope, don’t ask me to give Continue reading