Signs You Spent Too Much at the Garden Center (Again)

1. You just “swung by” to get some mulch but then somehow all this wound up in your car, too. 2. When the cashier announces the total, you realize it’s the same amount that Oxfam’s fundraising letter said would feed an entire African village for a month. 3. You have trouble shifting gears on the... Continue Reading →

I Gotta Git Me One o’ These Outdoor TVs

While reading the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I stumbled upon a new (to me) trend in outdoor living: Outdoor Televisions! Phew!  It's about time.  I was getting so bored and fidgety just sitting out on my patio with, like, no electronic devices whatsoever, wasting lazy summer evenings in quiet conversation with family or watching the... Continue Reading →

Garden Designers’ Roundtable: Mistakes

"A man's mistakes are his portals of discovery." --James Joyce Then again, Joyce was a man of ideas.  I'm sure no contractor ever said to a client: "Oh, that retaining wall I put in last fall is collapsing now?  But of course!  How could something so bourgeois hold back the anarchy of our modern age??  Don't you... Continue Reading →

The Election 2012 Garden Mash Up

Finally, the candidates discuss the real issues.   And just in time for election day, too! (Oh, I guess I should mention the candidates' actual words are in white and my very slight modifications are in yellow.) Happy Voting Day my fellow Gardener-Americans.  Let's still all be friends when it's over. No partisan comments or I... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Garden Ornament

Nothing announces the mood or atmosphere of a garden more so than Garden Ornament.  Sure, you can plant an Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira' and a carpet of black mondo grass, but it's really the stone lantern that declares: "This Japanese Garden.  Please now be feeling sense of reverence and quiet awe." In the case of one of my neighbors, it's the red... Continue Reading →

The Agrarian Buying Guide – a Top Ten List!

If you're like me, you've been looking to simplify your life, get back to basics, and really re-connect with the earth -- but you haven't found the kind of shopping experience that allows you to do so with classic vintage style.  So frustrating.  Well, good news.  If you weren't familiar with Agrarian, Williams-Sonoma's new line of fashionably... Continue Reading →

So I’ve Ripped Out My Lawn, Now What Do I Do?

With all that grass, I mean.  I know you have a super-creative plan for re-planting your ex-lawn, but now you've got a huge sod pile to deal with.  Don't tell me you smothered the poor grass under cardboard and plastic?  That's a damn shame.  Had you an ounce of ingenuity, you would have re-purposed your... Continue Reading →

The Landscape Urbanism BS Generator

To follow up on my Top Ten Garden Buzzwords posts, here is a neat little doo-dad introduced to me by Stephen Ray, a landscape architect in the ASLA LinkedIn group: The Landscape Urbanism BS Generator Once you've opened the link, simply click on the "Make Bullshit" button, and voila! instant Landscape Architecture/Urban Planning Jargon BS is... Continue Reading →

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