Lunchtime Reading

henrymitchell“People like gardening because it differs from the “efficiency” of modern life.  People like to dig, and they like to dig with the same spade or fork that their predecessors used a thousand years before them.

They like to tie up grapevines.  They like to prune great climbing roses.  They like to stake lilies.  I once had 2,500 bloom stalks of irises in May and 250 stakes that I moved about as needed.  I quite enjoyed staking the irises, because the idea was not to save time but to gaze at each stalk one by one, and of the perhaps 20,000 iris flowers that year, not one opened and not one faded but I noticed it and, while it was in bloom, gazed at it.”

— Henry Mitchell, from Henry Mitchell On Gardening


8 thoughts on “Lunchtime Reading

  1. Mary, thank you for the great Henry Mitchell quote. Always inviting to think of gardening in January. I have been working the past year at a small flower shop where I have completely enjoyed the repetitive tasks involved in processing flowers and making arrangements and washing buckets. I try to remind myself to see each flower as an individual flower and get a little zen in the process.

    So glad that you are posting again !


      • If you check out my blog Casa Mariposa or the Garden Bloggers Fling website you’ll see all the registration info. You can also find us on Facebook. We’re a public group called, you guessed it, Garden Bloggers Fling. We’d love to have you come!

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