Today: a Surprise in the Carex

Look what I found sunbathing out in my Carex pensylvanica today:

foxcloseupHe seemed to realize that he would be well camouflaged among the dried out Carex rather than among the autumn ferns or sarcococca further up the slope.

He also matches my wall almost EXACTLY.

p.s. it really bothers me that pensylvanica only has one n.  What happened?


  1. Elissa Steeves says:

    The poor thing is very sick/wounded… you need to call animal control right away. Besides the obvious wounds, this is not normal behavior. This is serious .. call now

    • Elissa Steeves says:

      This woman is nuts.. I commented back… the animal is sick/wounded & she needs to call animal control right away. She thought it was cute??? Sunbathing g indeed! I enjoyed coming g over for a drink last night! Thanks! It was a great idea! Best to Lotus Land Elissa

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    • I thought he might have been sick or wounded, too, but he didn’t act like it. I did call animal control just in case, but he scampered off before they got here, no limping or anything. We get foxes hanging around in our yard fairly often. I do hope this scruffy little guy is okay.

  2. Sylvan Kaufman says:

    I’ve always wondered about the missing “n” too so your post encouraged me to look it up. Pennsylvania used to be spelled either with one n or two so in botanical descriptions it spelled either way too depending on who was writing the description. The liberty bell spells Pensylvania with only one n!

  3. The little guy does look wounded. Hopefully it’ll be OK. As a Pennsylvanian, I thought I knew a lot about my state, but I never knew that it could be spelled with one N. Thanks for the info!

  4. He may have some mange, which is apparently common in Washington area foxes. They can recover from it, if it’s not too severe. (He does really match your wall.)

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