Today: a Surprise in the Carex

Look what I found sunbathing out in my Carex pensylvanica today:

foxcloseupHe seemed to realize that he would be well camouflaged among the dried out Carex rather than among the autumn ferns or sarcococca further up the slope.

He also matches my wall almost EXACTLY.

p.s. it really bothers me that pensylvanica only has one n.  What happened?

The New American Meadow Garden

I haven’t had much time for blogging over the holiday break, but I’ve gotten plenty of reading done.   One of the highlights was The New American Landscape, published earlier this year by Timber Press.  

I found out about this book first at Garden Rant in their review and giveaway  – once again, I didn’t win! – and then was reminded of it in the latest issue of Landscape Architecture, who gave it a short but favorable write up in their book review section. Given my free-spending ways when it comes to books, and my bad luck at contests, I went ahead and purchased a copy from Amazon. 

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