Art and the Garden, Part I: Early Mishaps in Art

This week Garden Designers’ Roundtable is posting about Art and Sculpture in the Garden.  Even though I signed up to post this month, I have to confess that art and sculpture intimidate me a little, in the garden and everywhere else.  In fact, you might say that I am uniquely disqualified to give advice about art.  To preface my GDRT post, I thought I’d share a story about my early experience in art to show what I mean. 

As a kid, like most kids, I had fun with art.  I liked coloring with crayons, making papier mache masks, creating construction paper mosaics.  I wasn’t particularly talented, but I reveled in the creative aspects of art, and loved all the fun materials. 

I’m sad to say that it was a middle school art class that drove the joy for art right out of me.  During the ceramics unit for that class, I created this clay beaver:

Yes, I’ve kept it all these years.

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