Blogging English Major Nerds

To follow up my last post, in which I lamented the loss of a favorite childhood tree, I wanted to share  a couple of other great posts that center on the Saying Good-bye theme .

First, Dan Verner, author of  Biscuit City, deconstructs that saccharine pop-song-that-you-say-you-hate-but-you-really-love —  “Another Old Lang Syne” — but he does so in the form of a Unit Quiz, as only a former English teacher would ever dream of doing.  Brilliantissimo! 

Then, the delightful young writer Miriam Hodgkins has a fantastic post on her blog Gomad Nomad,  in which she says good-bye to her dreadlocks after three years.  It’s wonderfully written, and if you are considering growing dreads (Mr. Verner, you know you’ve thought about it) this is a must-read!  Miriam has also just come home from an insanely adventure-filled jaunt around the world, and she’s done some stellar writing about her travels.

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