New Virginia Flora Coming Out in Fall 2012

Now that all the retrospectives are over, it’s time to look ahead.  What horticultural events are you most looking forward to this year?

In addition to the Philadelphia Flower Show in March — which I’ve never attended but am determined to this year — I’m excited about the publication of a book. 

A draft of the new Flora of Virginia

Not a gardening book or a design book.  Nope, it’s the new Flora of Virginia, slated to come out in fall of 2012.  The book is being produced by The Flora Project of Virginia, partnering with several other groups: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Virginia Academy of Science, and the Virginia Native Plant Society.

Flora Virginica, published in the 18th century

The old flora for Virginia, entitled Flora Virginica, was published in the mid-1700’s, so yeah, a new one is due.  The fact that it’s taken this long to produce a new one suggests that it’s a massive undertaking.

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