The Creepy (and Pretentious?) Sustainable Community of Serenbe

As noted in my last post, HGTV’s 2012 Green Home is located in the bucolic and “sustainable” community of Serenbe, Georgia.  I find the idea of building a “sustainable community” from scratch to be quite intriguing, so I read a bit about Serenbe on HGTV’s site and on the community’s own web page.

An Overview: The 900-acre community is located in one of the “last undeveloped stretches of land in the Atlanta area” and emphasizes “balanced growth, a mix of architectural styles, sustainability and land preservation.”  For stormwater, they use vegetated strips instead of concrete spillways.  They re-use graywater for irrigation.  They have a big community vegetable garden.

Sweet!  Go Serenbe!  It’s all very positive and utopian, right?

So why does the place creep me out so much?  Take a look at these photos from HGTV and see what I mean:

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