2012 HGTV Dreamhouse Features “Bio-Native” Grasses!

The 2012 HGTV Dreamhouse has been revealed!  It’s in Park City, Utah, and it looks to be set up as a skiier’s retreat.  Take a look:

What do you think?  I think the main part of the house is nice, but I wonder why they decided to stick that garage on at an angle like that.  And I’m not sure what that other little “wing” is off the back — or maybe it’s an outbuilding of some sort — but that’s kind of awkward, too.  Where the three structures’ rooflines converge looks crowded and random.  So the house doesn’t wow me.

But more importantly, what about the landscaping?  As far as I can remember (and I usually check out all the HGTV Dreamhouses; I even entered to win the one in Lake Lure, NC, back in 2006) HGTV has never shown off the landscaping of the house the way they are this year.

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