A Walk on the Wilder Side: My Review of a New Garden Mag!

The typical glossy gardening mags that I mentioned recently are a bit like that plate of mini-cheesecakes you ate that one time.  They’re fun to indulge in and they create feelings of giddiness, but after your tenth one, you crave something less sugary.  Many of us want something more nourishing and substantial in our garden-related reading, but it’s not easy to come by.

One remedy you might consider for overindulgence in glossy garden eye-candy is Wilder Quarterly – a new print  publication launched this fall that wants to reach “people enthralled by the natural world.”  Both the content and style of WQ are earthy, wholesome, satisfying.   The first issue – which I read from cover to cover – offers up a wonderful smorgasbord of articles.  Here’s a taste:

1. no-nonsense profiles of the carrot & dahlia plant families

2. how to grow Cheddar cauliflower (I read the whole article and I don’t think it really tastes like cheese)

3. a charming and funny piece by Dominique Browning about the pleasures of weeding herb beds

4. a Q & A with Russell Stafford, purveyor of rare bulbs

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