You may want to forward this list to your friends and significant others, or anybody who might possibly think these would be good gift choices for you.  (Pssst, you there! Your gardening friend wants a GIFT CARD FOR HER FAVORITE NURSERY!  Not any of the terrible, embarrassing gift items shown here!)


#1. THE SNAIL-RIDING FAIRY CERAMIC KEEPSAKE.  I’ll put this in the “Gifts-From-Your-Clueless-but-Well-Meaning-Grandma” genre because she is the only possible person who would buy you this.  If you recieve this from Grandma as a gift, you can store it in the closet, but you’ll have to get it out every time she visits, because she WILL ask you where it is.  She won’t remember the names of her grandchildren but she’ll remember she gave you this horrible ceramic doo-dad.


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