No Longer Winter

Is there anything more miraculous than taking a walk on a late January afternoon in zone 7a and encountering masses of flowers?  Not "winter interest", no, but full-on, voluptuous, lipstick-colored blossoms? This is Camellia 'Autumn Pink Icicle' -- thriving at Green Spring Gardens -- which is a hybrid of the already cold hardy 'Pink Icicle',... Continue Reading →

New Home Found for Tiny Acer griseum

Check out the little cutie I stumbled upon at Green Spring Gardens' plant shop a few days ago: What you're looking at here, my friends, is a baby Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) which (in case you've been living in Antarctica or something) you know is one one of the most coveted of ornamental trees. Well,... Continue Reading →

Junk on the Trunk

Here's a few pics I've taken recently of some cool-looking tree trunks.  The first was taken at Green Spring Gardens in Annandale, VA, one of my favorite garden haunts.  They have a few mature crape myrtles in front of the visitor center there with the prettiest cinnamon-brown bark you've ever seen.  It helps that the... Continue Reading →

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