A Garden Rubric For You

Well, pretty soon Garden Open Days will be arriving all over the country.   Are you prepared?  I personally feel the Open Days are a little too friendly and casual.  I think we, the garden visitors, need to step it up a notch and that’s why I’ve prepared this powerful critiquing tool that you can bring with you to each garden. 

Putting together this Garden Rubric was a breeze thanks to my 14 years’ experience in Professional Education, where I spend hours each day picking apart the creative work of others!  Oh, but I must give a nod to P. Allen Smith, who supplied the categories I used for the rubric: Color, Abundance, Whimsy, Mystery, Enclosure, and Time (from his 12 Principles of Design).  Thanks, P. Allen!

So print out this rubric and bring it along on your next garden visit!  Along with a red pen and a judgmental  spirit, of course!